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Bill McGarry

Although disliked intensely by several members of the team McGarry’s moment came with the League Cup final win in 1974.

However, London Wolves were very sad to learn of the death of one of Wolves’ most successful ever managers, the great Bill McGarry on Tuesday 15th March in South Africa.  Our thoughts are with his family.

Bill took us to Wembley in 1974 for the League Cup Final where we beat Manchester City and into the final of the EUFA Cup in 1972 where we lost to Spurs.  He left in 1976 after relegation. For more on those two outstanding years visit our pages on EUFA1972 and  1974.   More appears in the members section 1972+ and1974+

He was twice Wolves manager - from 1968 to 1976 during the early London Wolves days, and again briefly (68 days) in 1985 before walking out on the Bhattis.

Bill was an England international, winning 4 caps, and also managed Newcastle, as well as Bournemouth, Watford and Ipswich.

Bill’s performance as manager from Wolves Stats (now defunct) site

Year    Top Scorer           Div Pos LgeC FAC

1976-77 John Richards   D2  1    rd 6  rd2    & SChung

1975-76 John Richards   D1 20  rd 6 rd 4

1974-75 Kenny Hibbitt     D1 12   rd 3 rd 2

1973-74 Derek Dougan   D1 12  rd 3 won

1972-73 John Richards   D1   5    SF     SF

1971-72 Derek Dougan   D1   9   rd 3 rd 2

1970-71 Bobby Gould      D1   4   rd 4 rd 2

1969-70 Hugh Curran      D1  13 rd 3 rd 4

1968-69 Derek Dougan   D1  16 rd 4 rd 4