London Wolves Annual General Meetings

Our rules require a meeting open to all paid-up members to be held at which the accounts and other business can be discussed.

The 2014 meeting for 2013-14 was held on Saturday January 12th 2014 at the Brockley Social Club Brockley Road

Brockley map nearest station Brockley 3pm-7pm



1  Apologies for absence

2 Chairman’s Address

3  Minutes of 2011 AGM

4 Matters arising

5 Secretary’s report

6 Treasurer’s report

7 Travel Secretary’s report

8 Social Secretary’s report

9 Newsletter Editor’s report

10 Website Editor’s report

11 Election of Officers

12 Membership fee

13 Any other business


Apologies For Absence:

S and J Leonard, S Armett, R and R Eagles, D Pearl , G Castro, S Ray , P O’Connor, P and J Abbott.

Chairman’s Address:

Stuart reported a successful year for the Club and thanked Dave and the two  Peters’ particularly.

Minutes of 2013 A G M:

Matters Arising:

Stuart said a letter was received regarding the Derek Dougan DVD’S,from XPRO’S solicitors, after last years AGM . After advice from a Solicitor, £500plus, the letter was ignored since when, nothing had been heard.

Secretary’s Report:

Dave reported a membership of 196 and subscriptions paid in £2930.The Goalden Gate draws raised £660 [plus £48.50 to be banked] The train competitions £203, badges £25,programmes £13.19 and Roy Eagles pens £100.   Expenses  for the season totalled £496-72 ,of which £341-97 Was for postage.

Treasurers Report:

The Financial Statement was read by all and only a £12 membership refund queried.  It being for

an overpayment.

Travel Secretary’s Report

Trips were run to all 26 home and 17 away and thanks to Morris Jacobs for midweek away games. There was a deficit from trips of £945-50, due to the Club part-subsidising some of the more expensive trips. Fare prices varied because of competition with other passengers and the discretionary £5 was not enforced. Outstanding money from 2012/13  was collected but three people owe for last season. Seven season tickets had been bought for £3130 and a loss of £595 was made on sale of tickets, Thanks to members for the loan of their tickets which did not result in the loss on ticket sales. The Club has again got the season tickets and there 13 away season tickets bought by members.  Match day prices have been increased for 2014-15. Thanks to Wolves’ ticket office, Dave Wood particularly , Dave Slape and Bob Richards for their help during the season.

Social Secretary’s Report:

Roy’s Letter reported a great season  with ,the Christmas Lunch at the Blue Brick and two visits to Steve  Bull’s restaurant .The Blue Brick has a loyalty card system plus, good food and surroundings  for guests and members. The end of season function was a meal in Sir Jack’s followed by a Northern Soul event.. Also, thanks to all who bought the pens.

Newsletter Editors Report:

The magazine is high quality and hopefully well received.

Webmasters Report;

Peter reported £60 had been raised by advertising and the Club had 1600 followers on Twitter Jack   Leonard was running Facebook and e news is sent to all with a  email address.  The software collapsed when the website was being upgraded but this is mostly sorted out now.  Thanks to Carol, Peter Mark Feehan and Roy  for their photos.

Proposal from Phil O’Connor:

Phil had sent a proposal to reduce the committee by two which, was not seconded.

Election of Officers:

Stan Armett had  sent his resignation. Matthew Hawthorne counter proposed Peter Abbott to replace Stan,if he wishes. This was seconded by Dave and carried by the meeting. The rest of the committee was voted en bloc.

Membership Fee:

Carol proposed the family membership be altered  to  a  member plus under 18 year olds. Alan Allsop seconded  and the motion was carried. All fees to remain as is.

Any Other Business:

Peter Woodifield asked why the venue for the AGM was back in Brockley.It was noted the attendance in Holborn was disappointing and in Wolverhampton ,the season would be well under way.

Doug Pearl wished to thank Dave Bracher and Dave Slape for their regular contact.

Dave Slape wished to thank Stuart, Peter Woodifield, Peter Bartlett, Stefan, Roy and Ruth and Tommy Turner for their  assistance last season.

Meeting Closed.

London Wolves Club rules include the conduct of AGMs here

Past AGMS are on the archive website here.  The minutes of the 2013 AGM follow

Date: Saturday 10th August 2013.

Location: Lych Gates Tavern, Queen Square, Wolverhampton.

Attendance: 31.

Committee: S. Earl, S. Armett, R. Eagles, R. Goddard, M. Hawthorne, S. Leonard, S. Ray, D. Slape

and P. Woodifield.


1. Apologies for absence

2. Chairmanʼs Address

3. Minutes of 2012 AGM

4. Matters Arising

5. Secretaryʼs Report

6. Treasurerʼs Report

7. Travel Secretaryʼs Report

8. Social Secretaryʼs Report

9. Newsletter Editorʼs Report

10. Website Editorʼs Report

11. Election of Officers

12. Membership Fee

13. Any Other Business

Apologies for absence: Paul Richards (Wolves FC), S. Tetlow, P. Tetlow, P. Bartlett, L. Masters, D.

Pearl and A. Marshall.

Chairman's Address: Stuart welcomed everyone and thanked the Lych Gates Tavern for aiding the

Club at short notice. He thanked Dave, Peter and Steve for their work last season.

Minutes of 2012 AGM:

Matters Arising: Stuart said he had heard nothing from EXPROʼs solicitors since November 2012

with regards to the Derek Dougan DVDʼs.

Secretary's Report: Dave reported a membership of 229, paying in £2946.00 in subscriptions.

Expenses totalled £646.60, £384.55 of which was for stamps. The train competitions raised £163.00

and Sales £49.61. Dave thanked the two Peterʼs, Rob Goddard and Stefan for their assistance.

Treasurers Report: In Timʼs absence Dave reported a profit of £761.62. Peter took over and said the

High Interest account could be higher with interest added.

Travel Secretary's Report: Peter reported a profit of £222.75 but three members still owe for match

tickets. Trips were run to 23 home and 15 away matches. There was a good train service from Euston




and the Call Centre in India had provided a reasonably good service. The highest attended trips were

40 for Nottingham Forest and 38 for Sheffield Wednesday at home, and 22 Peterborough United and

21 Nottingham Forest away. The average number travelling was down on the previous season, which

was in the Premiership. Fare prices again varied because of competition with other travellers. Peter

needed to book early to get cheaper fares and can make provisional booking three months in advance.

Payment is required at the time of booking apart from with Virgin Trains. Debts for the 2011-12 season

have been paid, but there has been no progress on previous seasons. Seven Club Season Tickets

were purchased on the Wolves Early Bird scheme in March costing a total of £3352.00. A profit of

£366.00 was made on the sale of match day tickets. Thanks once again to members who loaned their

season tickets when not attending themselves. We have again renewed Club season tickets for the

2013-14 season on the Early Bird Scheme. Early Bird season ticket holders have received refunds

because of Wolves relegation, and twelve away season tickets have been bought by Club members.

Peter offered thanks to Wolves Ticket Office, and particularly Steve who has now left Wolves. Also,

thanks to Dave Slape and Bob Richards for their help last season.

Social Secretary's Report: Roy reported the Christmas Party was the biggest yet, but was a rush

and finished late. Guests were a good mix, with Matt Murray, Wolves Women and a Club official. The

end of season match at Brighton we had a meal in the Snowdrop pub followed by a night at the greyhound

racing. For this season Roy has options open for Christmas and a horse racing evening, including a

Queen tribute band for the end of the season.

Newsletter Editor's Report: Steve stated Stefan is to be more involved this season and the magazine

would be A5 size after consulting the membership.

Website Editor's Report: Dave reported £174.61 had been spent although £32.36 will show in

2013-14 figures.

Election of Officers: The committee was returned with the exception of Tim Richards who will be

replaced by Carol Randall. Thanks to Tim for his efforts over the years.

Membership Fee: No change.

Any Other Business:

• Doug Pearl wished to thank Dave Slape for his weekly phone call of support following his serious

heart surgery.

• The Club is to carry on the support for Wolves Women in preference to kit sponsorship.

• Carol asked if the Club was to send a wreath for David Wagstaffe, but it was decided a donation

would probably be preferred.

• Roy Eagles won the free draw signed shirt.

Meeting Closed at 12:30pm.


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